It is patented in:

  • Spanish Patent and Trademark Office

    Docket No. ES 2 242 537 B1

  • European Patent Application

    Docket No. EP 1 785 165 A1

  • World Intellectual Property Organization

    Docket No. WO 2055/113072 A1

  • United States

    Docket No. US 2006/0272640 A1


Nasdil Nasodilatador - Nasal Dilator - Anti snoring - Breathe easier and Oxigenear Body


Clinical studies:

Clinical studies have been conducted that demonstrate the proper functioning of NASDIL® based on:

  • Comfort
  • Tolerance
  • Right nasal permeability
  • Significantly improved respiratory efficiency
  • More air into the lungs

Studies have been conducted by:

  • Dr. Salvador Tejado Abullón.

    Ldo. In Medicine and Surgery.

  • Dr. Diego Espuch García Fernández.

    Ldo. Otolaryngology.


We could define, in a very general way, nasal congestion or obstruction as a situation where you do not get enough air into the lungs breathe exclusively through the nose for it can use nasdil® improving the obstruction.

We've all had the opportunity, ever in life, to experience the discomfort of a stuffy nose. There is no doubt that there is an instinctive desire to breathe through the nose, so if the nostrils dilate with nasdil® facilitate breathing.

The attempt, when the nose is blocked, to overcome those resistances nasal passages offer to airflow is associated also with a feeling of malaise and fatigue, if we use nasdil ® we feel much better.

We could say so, in a general way, that a correct nasal permeability depends on the proper and normal operation of the entire respiratory tract, so it is recommended to use the nasodiltador Nasdil® by dilating the nostrils oxygenate our body sensations cited improved.

Ratings of people who have used Nasdil® in number than thirty adults and adolescents of different sex, concluded in manifesting all instantly improved in terms of the subjective feeling of:

  • Blocked nose.
  • Nostrils more or less congested or blocked.

However, if it is true that there are lots of temporary nasal obstructions that do not require any medical treatment since solved alone, it should be emphasized that before persistent nasal obstruction should consult a doctor because it can be a symptom of a banal both cause and the possible manifestation of a serious process, which needs early treatment, either medical or surgical.

Moreover, according to the assessment made in other different groups of people, Nasdil® nasal dilators have been shown to provide benefits to people who suffer from mild hoarseness and / or objective nasal obstruction, caused by seasonal allergies or rhinitis, to check breathing improves with nasdil® nasodiltador.

The subjective assessment, as to the usefulness of nasal dilator nasdil® involved, overnight, a significant improvement in terms of:

  • Sleep quality, to oxygenate the body with nasdil®.
  • Reducing dry mouth when we put nasdil®.
  • Greater sense of clear nose, using nasdil®.
  • Hoarseness decreased slightly to widen the nostrils with nadil®.

However, the usefulness of nasodilatador nasdil® is a factor, among others, that shaped the remission of snoring, such as care of diet, not be overweight, snuff or alcohol, especially before bedtime.

However, it is confirmed as a palliative method for relief of slight snoring and in no case should be seen as a solution for more serious problems such as apnea.

Moreover, limitations on the exercise or sport in general, they can be a detriment to be revealed by ventilatory insufficiency of the nasal passages, improves the ability to use nasdil®. 

Valuation different sports.

The result is that it can be seen, in a subjective way, the clearly significant increase in nasal ventilatory capacity to dilate the nose wings nasdil®.

During the year it becomes clear:

  • More and better input capacity of air to the lungs with nasdil® post.
  • Improved cardio-respiratory efficiency reaching even reduce the cardiac frequency to oxygenate your body with nasdil® nasal dilator.

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