• Nasdil filter is an anatomical nasal dilator facilitates the entry of air into the nasal passages to improve breathing to which we have added a disposable and replaceable filters inside, which retain much of the particles in the air we breathe (dust, smoke, pollution, pollen, etc ....).
  • Nasdil filter allows breathe comfortably without feeling overwhelmed reusable up to 60 applications with 48 filters based polyurethane foam polyester, advising discard 24 to 48 hours of use and replace them with new ones.
  • Nasdil filter helps purify the air breathed, and favoring clean air supply nasally, in a comfortable way.

Disposable and replaceable filters have excellent filtering capacity of dust, smoke, pollen and the like, with weak air resistance.


Adding a few drops of water, they become perfect nasal humidifiers, ideal for travel by air or enclosed spaces with little natural ventilation. In this way we provide moist air over a period of time, which depends on the environment and climatic conditions where use.

When wet have a higher retention capacity of pollen spores in the air counteracting the nasal dryness caused by them.

his device filter impurities is an advance over our anatomical nasal dilator because of the increasing air pollution in the city and its surroundings. The Ecologists in Action group released a report that both the city and the surroundings have a problem with ozone, while pointing the most problematic pollutants are ground-level ozone (03) and suspended particles, particles less than ten micrometers (PM10) values harmful to human health.

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